CD Epitaph will be released soon

Posted by Webmaster on March 26, 2008 - 00:15 in

Thy Final Pain - EpitaphWe are proud to announce the release of our debut CD Epitaph - 51 minutes of pain. The CD costs 10,- € and may be ordered via the contact form until we have a shop running.

Epitaph features eleven tracks of massive rhythmic death metal and comes with a fully featured 12-page cd booklet - check out the sound section for listening previews.

Northside Festival

Jun 14 2008 - 19:00

Other bands at the Nothside Festival: Katzera, Manetory, Seelenfrieden, Odium, Perfect Engine and Mental Meltdown - hope to see you there!

My Temptation on Massive Metal Infusion Vol. 1

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Massive Metal Infusion Vol. 1Thy Final Pain features My Temptation on the underground metal sampler Massive Metal Infusion Vol. 1.

The sampler is available for free via www.massive-metal-infusion.de. It is a compilation of underground metal from bands throughout Southern Germany.


New website launched successfully...

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Well, finally we finished our new website. Hopefully you like it - feel free to give us feedback on our work! Rock on!

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