Review at Voices From The Dark Side

Posted by Webmaster on July 2, 2009 - 23:15 in

Just one year after their debut album “Epitaph” the German THY FINAL PAIN are here again with a new output called “…Of Life And Death”. This band features the two former DEBAUCHERY members Simon Dorn (guitars) and bass player Marc Jüttner. THY FINAL PAIN are definitely an interesting band for those who are into DEBAUCHERY’s brand of Death Metal, well, at least when they still played ordinary Death Metal. This new outfit is a must have for everyone searching for midtempo Death Metal, riff-orientated where the biggest importance is the groove. And groovy Death Metal is what you get, known from such bands as SIX FEET UNDER or OBITUARY (their slower songs). I dare to say that THY FINAL PAIN are not innovative nor original, but play solid quality Death Metal and have with “…Of Life And Death” an album released which should help them to spread their name around. Even if the 11 songs (with a playing time of around 46 minutes) are all in all good they lack a little bit the morbid atmosphere a Death Metal band should have, but this might me just my humble impression. “…Of Life And Death” is nevertheless a band to watch out for and I’m sure we will hear a lot about them in the future and perhaps see them playing somewhere in our area (if you are living in Germany) as they seem to be a quite active live band already. Available through or


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