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This is the second full-length from these Deutsche death head bangers, and what they offering to us is classic based but modernly produced death carnage. Furious guitar work is present through the whole album, but at some point, flavored with melodic elements, which gives the freshness and above all, some modern stylized sharpness. Vocals are pretty much in vein of Chris Barnes from 90’s, but some European death ‘’school’’ influences are present in his voice…for instance Massacra is on my mind…’’Enjoy the Violence’’ era. As unit, band sound harmonious and tight, so are the song arrangements, which are possessing both melody and brutality. Most of the songs on the album are of faster profile, filled with nailing riffs and earthquake-like rhythm blasts. Compositions are of experienced and technically skilled nature, and it’s a bit challenge for ears to capture the aura of these songs. ‘’…Of life and Death’’ belongs to those albums that are awakening the flame of old school death metal era…and honestly, they are succeeding in that. Very cool album that shouldn’t be mis by fans of Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under and alike. Highlights of the album: ‘’Embodiment of Chaos’’, ‘’Thoughts of Disbilief’’ and ‘’Hate Anthem’’. Thing to mention: some of the members are part of the Debauchery band.

Vladimir Petković (8)


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