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February 2008
Thy Final Pain - CD 'Epitaph'

The CD was released in early 2008 and comes in a jewel box with fully colored booklet including lyrics in full length.
Epitaph contains eleven songs of creative insanity, providing 51 minutes of pain in thundering death metal manner. It is a must for every death metal maniac! Check out the sound section for listening previews.

Initially, Epitaph was not intended to be released. We've founded Thy Final Pain for our own musical pleasure and did not even think of playing live concerts. We've finally decided to record the best songs we had created until mid of 2007 just to have them on CD. From today's point of view it was a good decision to release epitaph...
One may order the CD via the order form. For promotional CDs please contact us via the contact form and include information what you intend to use the CD for.

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